Monday, August 27, 2012

Gifting Dolls

Since my collection of dolls is way too large, I decided to gift a couple of ladies at our small church with some little purse companions.

 The first lady was so thrilled. I gave her two Strawberry Shortcakes and a Ty teeny bopper. She brings the Ty doll to church each Sunday and I bring different dolls from my collection to show her.  She has also bought a few thrift store dolls for herself.  What's interesting about this is that I would not have "normally" chosen her to be a good friend.  However, after finding that we both love dolls, she and I have become closer and now I consider her a great buddy. (scroll down to the G's (Glitzy Gabby)

The next lady received a doll and some clothes.  I think she sometimes carries her SSC clone but mostly I haven't heard her mention it.  She's a lovely elderly woman and giving her a doll was mostly for me to show her I cared about her.

The third lady is someone I don't know very well at all, and haven't had the chance to talk to very much.  She has had a run-in with cancer and is in remission.  I had to leave early one Sunday after "big church" and asked the lady from paragraph one to deliver the little SSC clone.  This was a couple of months ago.

Just last week, I was told by the church secretary in an "Oh, by the way" comment, something that I wanted to share here.

The lady still has to go in for checkups every month, sometimes more often.  She always without fail keeps her little gifted doll in her purse.  During times at the Dr's office when she is nervous about what procedure or result or prognosis she will undergo, she holds the doll in her hand and prays.  She calls the little $2 gift her "prayer doll".  It calms and soothes her as she remembers her church friends and how much they love her, and especially the Lord's love for her.  She lifts up her fears and anxieties to God while holding the tiny plastic token of human affection in her hand. 

I was very moved by this report.  There was no way to predict how much a small doll would affect a woman going through one of life's most severe trials.

All this makes me want to share and gift so many more of my dolls.  Gifts of toys are pure luxury: not one of the necessities.  I stand amazed at how God has used these trinkets to help a couple of women in ways I never would have imagined.  He can use the least thing to show His love through us to others, can't he?

I am humbled.