Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blythe at the Hitty Party

Today I went to a great party at my friend's home. There were several local doll ladies there. Most of them brought various Hitty dolls. I got to inspect and adore so many Hitties from famous amazing artists. I brought Ella, my Blythe Boho Peace.

We ate a wonderful covered dish meal. Here's Ella describing the various dishes to a beautiful Hitty. She's wearing a dress I knitted, tights I sewed and a hat I crocheted. She's wearing Stacie sized boots from the "When I Read I Dream" series: Heidi. This was a her welcome home outfit that I made while she was on her way to me.
After lunch we all exchanged presents and each lady received one gift. Mine was a package of 3 coordinating Christmas fabrics. Ella was so excited. She hopes she'll be wearing a dress made of those 3 fabrics for Christmas.Ten more days until Christmas 2011. Ella says, "Hope you get your gift list finished."

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