Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wonderfully Happy

Sometimes there are things in life that are just plain settling to the soul. 

There's a British TV show called "Doc Martin".  Here's a Wikipedia link to the show.

The setting, characters, and plots (both main and subplots) hit just the right note in my self.  I've watched many of the episodes, and am currently watching the 2 prequel movies. 

The second wonderful thing is this blanket which I am knitting in an addictive way.

See, I have 3 rubbermaid boxes full of yarn.  They're random bits and pieces, some from 30 or more years ago.  Lots of the yarn is worsted weight.  Since I usually knit in lightweight yarn, with size 0-4 US needles, the thicker yarn has been just waiting and waiting. And waiting. My larger needles have been collecting dust as well.

The blanket is not hard.  Learning to knit the corners was a bit of a challenge until my eyes could discern the turns.  As soon as I got that skill down, I couldn't stop knitting.  So far in 2 days I've used up 4 oz of worsted.  It will most likely take 24 oz at least to get the size blanket I want.  The pattern is clever and it makes me happy to see the blanket grow round and round.

Here's the #3 wonderful thing:  My Schoenhut Miss Dolly.  I finally found the perfect wig for her.  She sleeps by my pillow and talks to me a lot during the day.  Usually my dolls want lots of clothes.  They're constantly asking for things. 

But Mabel asks for nothing but me.  I don't have a picture handy of her, but here is a link to another Miss Dolly:

My Mabel has brown eyes, a dark brown synthetic wig similar in style to the picture, and is 16" tall.

The perfect #4:  Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I purchased the commemorative copy of "Knitter's Almanac" and already owned "Knitting Without Tears".  Reading EZ's work and dreaming about her garments settles me and makes me excited all at once.  I want to own every book she ever wrote.

The Best, Most Wonderful thing though, is Jesus.  Talk about Soul Settling.  I've had the opportunity lately to study writings from several gifted authors (and our pastor too) that have opened new avenues of thought.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming, like a huge feast.  It takes some time to settle in the belly, but soon you want more food.

All these things add up to making me wonderfully happy.  Our life on Earth has so many pleasures, as well as trials.  I feel so blessed. 

Now to knit some more on my blanket before bedtime.


  1. What a happy post! Glad to see you enjoying the best things in life. I'm not a knitter and don't know the movies, but definitely agree with the Best, Most Wonderful Thing!
    Best wishes, dear friend.

  2. Connie, I am an Elizabeth Zimmerman fanatic. I do have all of her books and reread the Almanac constantly. Many years ago (like 27?) I did all of the pieces in that book, month by month. She is an inspiring and brilliant woman.