Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two New Patterns for Kidz n Cats Dolls

I have finished two new patterns for Kidz n Cats dolls.  The first is a very well fitted bodice (so I've been told).  The pattern includes a front, back and long sleeve and instructions for a skirt.  You can make it as is or use it to compare to other patterns for adjustments. Besides instructions, I've included a tutorial sheet to show you how to make the easiest facing I've ever used.

Here's a cotton print example.

The second pattern is for fitted pants.  Again, fit is the most important thing for me to share.  The tutorial for this pattern is how to lengthen or shorten a pants pattern to make capris, bermuda or shorter shorts.  These directions can be used for basic length adjustments for sleeves, bodices, skirts, and other pattern pieces. The patterns acts as a design sloper if you cut off the seam allowances. I suggest you print several copies of the actual pattern pieces so you can play with design.

Here is a photo of  finished pants paired with the free camisole pattern here on my blog.

Each pattern is $4 PDF email or $5 paper mailed to you.  Contact me via email if you are interested.


  1. Connie B, I would love to buy these pdf patterns from you. You say to email you, but I cannot find any email contact details for you! How can I message you privately?

    1. I can't find you either! I'll be looking for your email. Connie

  2. Where may I buy these patterns? I'd like my doll to have a larger wardrobe. RP

  3. I am interested in your patterns. :) I have sent you an email. Hope it works.